Equipment List

Parkfield Landscapes EquipmentHaving a firm understanding of horticulture and years of professional garden care experience has put us at the forefront of garden landscaping in Sussex and Surrey. Another part of the business that is just as important is the need for having the right tools and equipment.

At Parkfield Landscapes we have the full complement of specialist equipment which allows us to complete every project not only to the highest quality but also on time and with the minimum of disruption. Our mini digger has a huge range of fittings that enable us to complete many tasks including…

Stumpgrinder – Ideal for removing and disposing of unwanted tree stumps and logs

Woodchipper – For turning dead and unwanted wood into manageable chips

Hole Borer – For fence posts and other boundary posts

Trenching Bar – Attachment for speedy and accurate excavations

Buckets – For all types of digging and shifting earth

Compost soil mixer – For turning infertile land into suitable planting areas

Ripper bars – For breaking and excavating

In addition to this we have traditional cutting, strimming and pruning equipment. For more information about our mini digger visit the manufacturers website