Large Natural Garden Projects


This is an ongoing large project and the long term plan is restore the garden to its former glory. The garden is about 4 acres and was designed back in the 1950s with Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azaleas and Acers forming the majority of planting. Little work or garden maintenance has been carried out in the last 15 years and its restoration will be undertaken over several years. Cutting back and replanting is just the start…

Large Garden Project 2

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Planting in large gardenThis is another ongoing contract. We have worked here for about 15 years and house has been in same family since 1930s. The gardens are about 4acres in size and are a mix of formal and woodland areas. These pictures show an area that up until 3years ago was just woodland and totally unaccessible. It was cleared and made ready for paths and sleeper retaining walls then planted.

It has now added yet another ‘room’ to the garden and created beautiful areas for the owners to enjoy.

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